In the year 1983, Chaudhary Ashraf Ali Khan commenced with the profession of law and began to provide legal solutions pertaining to Criminal Litigation. The times were in evolving mode thereof the circumstances were too in a transition hence the Tier II towns were upgrading to Tier I cities and the latter were following into the foot steps of metropolitan cities. As a matter of fact this shift in the curriculum of the regular stature of the economic, social and geographical conditions of the cities resulted in bringing and widening the scope of law out of the confined limits of traditional Criminal & Civil issues. Therafter, post 1991 phase known as Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation (LPG) led to evolution of various policy and regulatory issues, challenges and flaws in establishing compatibility to the change and convergence in the market structure with the introduction of various standard technologies and mode of communication...

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Our Practice Area's

Criminal Litigation

Criminal Litigation is the process of going to trial in a criminal court to either prosecute or defend oneself in a criminal matter. Article 21 of

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Civil Litigation

The firm has vast experience to cater needs of our client in all areas of civil litigation. We expertise in trial and investigation, Examinations

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IPR Laws

The protection under the umbrella of IP Laws acts as a defense mechanism to protect the inventors’ rights on their intellectual work and subsequent

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Real Estate Regulation and Laws

The real estate sector plays a pivotal role in fulfilling the demands of housing and infrastructure in the country.

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Arbitration and ADR Law

To curb the huge impact of high volume of pending cases in the courts of India, The Central Government decided to amend the Arbitration

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Corporate and Commercial Laws

Management of corporate entity whose specializations class action, securities litigation, anti-trust and restructuring, has been ranked

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Banking, Finance And Insurance Laws

Banking and Finance practice covers various regulations such as financing, banking regulation, debt restructuring, acquisitions and mergers

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Media Law and TMT regulation

The Media ecology in India promises acquiring industry and regulatory benefits to create trust among stakeholders and investors and promotes

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