The Media ecology in India promises acquiring industry and regulatory benefits to create trust among stakeholders and investors and promotes for encouraging lucrative business environment in the sub continent, after its rise from pre 1991 era of licensing or after liberalization. Due to media, as a harbinger of public interest and its peculiar “Dual Product” nature as commodity and medium requires special substantive laws and procedural tools for catering different service providers and stakeholders.

Specialized tribunals and regulatory authorizes developed over the years covering the media landscape for a better tomorrow. Commencement of newer laws and amendment of basic laws of Tele-communication, broadcasting & transmission (TV) and print enriched the industries health to create better trust lever and secure transparent and competitive media market to the world where right of equal participation is well protected. Advocacy is the catalyst for the performance of the industry and its compliance for public interest, environment and the competitive behaviors of industry itself.

The status of industry and a co regulatory system is one of the other landmarks to hop on were commencement of participatory and transparent tribunals and legislative regulatory authorities further provides healthy environment for dispute settlement and can promotes stakeholder for greater participation.