Management of corporate entity whose specializations class action, securities litigation, anti-trust and restructuring, has been ranked among the top business litigation practices in India by Chaudhary Advocates and create Benchmark. The firm is also analyzing its extensive regulator and government relations expertise by participation in co regulatory system of corporate governance. The commercial courts, commercial division and commercial appellate division of high courts after 2016, constitutes luminous and expeditious system of dispute resolution in commercial law protection. Litigation related to contract, banking and financial laws, Antitrust and competition laws, international trade laws and anti dumping regulations, data protection and information technology acts and licensing, Alternate dispute resolution and power energy and natural resources act, technology transfer and TMT’s are some of the main areas of concern in present scenario. This complex legal maneuver requires team effort which our firm has a team of associates having specializations in these particulate areas which help our clients to pursue their claims accurately to targeted authorities therefore saves time.

  • All contractual, FIDIC and franchising compliance and performance.
  • Labor and employment
  • Environmental Laws
  • Protection of Real estate and intellectual property